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7 Eleven?!
This is the former home of the band that never actually really started. What should become of this site? leave your ideas on the guestbook.

For those of you who are wondering why ive decided to change this, its because people think this site is gay and actually i myself see no real point to it.

Graham Reynolds
Friday 13th December 2002

The site is more or less down forever unless we see it fit to restart it.

Our Manly Idols
Kurt Cobain is dead. He was in Nirvana and is one of our manly idols.... did I say manly? I ment many. Oops. Other idols include Tom DeLonge, Fieldy and Munky, and the guy with the 'tashe' from the Hives (he rules), and Bam Margera! he kicks butt. As for his dad....

Any complaints or ideas?
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