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Bands we love
Like all bands we have idols mentors whatever you want to call them we got em, blink 182 korn kurt cobain they all are great well more than that korn for example with munky and head's 7 strung style fieldys masterfull art of slap bass together with jon's voice make a band that will go down in history.
"we dont have anything to prove"
jonathan davis

"i dont think we ever been into sportswear"

Kurt cobain opened doors for all guitarists no longer did we have to have years of experience and training to be that rock star we always wanted to be.
"i hate myself and want to die"
kurt cobain.

Idols yeah right!
I noticed that there is a insane tv show called
pop idol.IDOLS and POP dont mix i mean all that high pitched girly excuse for singing is not on the cant even play instruments let alone sing so can they really call themselves an idol but it doesent stop there they refere to themselves as ARTISTS has the world gone insane or just plain stupid?

Im sure people like us and you guys out there are gettin branded buy this word 'greebo' now why do jurks brand named from ass to face (not that you can tell the diffrence)tease us so dont they know that what they say means nothin to us we are proud of being outcasted losers greebos ect GET IT GUYS WE DONT CARE SHUT THE F**K UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

X-port who?
find out here

Got koRn
The korn krop