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This page is bout well JACKASS!
Im sure people like us and others love Jackass Bam,johnny,wee man all the gang so i think a page should be about them.

This is Bam and Chad
Bam and Chad well what can i say they kick ass....no really they do they kick ass jump of things skate into curbs,yeah thats the life.
  How did jackass got started?
How did jackass did jackass get started i here you ask well it all started with Johnny Knoxville born in tennessee in 1971,Johnny (a.k.a philip j clapp)blames his dad for his warped sense of humour.Phil senior sought entertainment by teaching his son to punch men in there privates at an early age.and the life long joker sill takes time out for crank calls.Hooking up with pro skater Bam margera and the crew behind the cky,him and manya skate video
with copy cat video's help 'jackass' first came on to out tv screens on mtv in 2000.

The Jackass gang
Johnny Knoxville
Steve o
Chris Pontius (party boy)
Bam margera
Ryan Dunn
Chad (above)
Phil Senoir

click here if you love Bam (not sexully)

CKY they are ffrom philadelphia,have participated in only some of the shows crazy stunts but provide countless amounts of music for jackass.

"we are on a mission to change the face of rock FOREVER"

HIM they are loved by jackass joker Bam margera,describe themselves as the musical equialent of a David Lynch film and have an innovative way of banishing pre gig nerves.

For all them's skate fans.

Johnny knoxville the man behind the BEST show on tv

Just a taster of the hit tv show

Peanutbutter and dogs in heat don't mix