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Here are some links that we would like to endorse.
Oh, I do sound posh.

Transformers - robots in the skies?

Firstly, The important links:
X-Port 41 The coolest thing to come from Telford since.... since ever. They rock!! Check 'em out for random tom-foolery and band love. Lovely.
Nirvana - Kurt Is A God Graham's Nirvana website.
Vex Red Check 'em out, you may just like them. Sean doesn't. Shame.
Jackass For all the BAM lovers out there.

Need tabs? is one of the best tab finders ive came across!
182 Hi im peter and im pretty HOOKED on blink 182 so i had to put this cool site on the web site.
"I love you tom" "blink me"

do you like skateboarding this links you to the best skateboarding link i know!
Robots in disguise Whats that i here you say who is optimus prime?
KoRn A 20m korn site that rocks


Its not for girls (masterbation) not YORKIES